Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Family Visits and a Delay of Chemo

I have been home from the hospital for one week.  Although, I have not felt great, I have felt some better.  However, this afternoon (July 1) has not been as good.  My coughing has returned, and I have had a fever.  I hope I can soon be past this setback. 

We had a fun week with Troy, Brooklyn, Brock, Stephanie, Maddy, Taylor, Emma and Sam.  Justin also joined us from Ireland beginning Saturday afternoon.  He will stay until the end of August.  We rely on his medical guidance, as he just completed his 2nd year of medical school.  We have really enjoyed our family at our new house.  The pool and media rooms have been big hits.  My spirits have been lifted by my family’s presence.  Laughter and noise from little kids adds much joy.  I also look forward to Lee (Stephanie’s husband) and our daughter, Stacey, joining us for the July 4th weekend.

Yesterday, we met with my oncologist to set the plan forward.   I will begin chemotherapy next Wednesday, July 8.   We were not happy that it was delayed so long, but their schedule was very busy with the office closed for the July 4 weekend.  We are frustrated that we really have no choice.  We can begin earlier at the hospital, but that approach was not recommended by the doctor, nor do I want to be readmitted to the hospital.

To help me feel better, I am going to a chiropractor/kinesiologist (Dr. Sims).  He has helped address my abdomen, back and neck pains.  He understands my pain and has shown a kind heart to me.  I receive some pain relief and additional hope from going to him.  His office staff is also very compassionate and kind to me.

Thanks to all of you who have sent me encouraging cards and letters, and thanks to those who have posted encouraging comments on my blog, Facebook and in e-mails.  I continue to feel Heavenly sent peace, love and comfort, and I feel so blessed to receive such peace, love and comfort.  This has helped to overpower my discouragement and to take it away.


  1. You are a winner!!!! Thanks for your display of courage in a difficult situation - I love you!

  2. Dear Marilynn,
    All of us are checking your blog all the time so we are so glad to see updates like this. It helps so much! I loved seeing this photo of you with your grandson Taylor. When I saw the way Stephanie & Lee's children and Troy's daughter interact with you it was easy to see how much they love and adore you. Taylor walked over and cuddled up with you on that chair in your sun room and just stayed and stayed next to you there. That spoke volumes about the kind of love that they feel from you.
    Again, thank you for keeping us posted with these updates! We depend on them.
    With love,
    Your brother, Ron

  3. Dear Mariynn,
    I too find myself always looking at your blog often. Peace also comes to me as I read and feel your "heart". How frustrating that you cannot start chemo until next Wednesday...I am so glad that you get to have your grandchildren there with you enjoying your wonderful home and love.
    Love you